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Andrew J Millar ‘The Things That Fall Away’

20th Jan 2018

Releasing this Saturday is Andrew J Millar’s highly limited new screen printed edition ‘The Things That Fall Away’.


Millar, a young British artist rapidly rising through the ranks of the UK art scene, creates original works by a combination of digital photomanipulation combined with traditional and painstaking gold-leaf hand work. Chemically altering polaroids and gilding delicately with gold leaf, Millar usually works on a small scale with individual pieces. However, in 2018 Millar has graced us with this full-size edition of 40 screenprints, showcasing all the detail and delicate design of his polaroids with the impact of a large edition (56 x 76 cm to be exact)


Fall into Millar’s mystical and at once mesmerising world through this dark and simultaneously engrossing edition. Releasing this Saturday, 20th January at 11 am online and in store.

Andrew J Millar ‘The Things That Fall Away’

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