Banger Art


By  Cassius
13th June 2012

For one night only a derelict and flooded St.Peters Estate Car Park, Hackney Road became home to an experimental project in self-initiated regeneration. Not content with a simple trip to the local Art supply store, the Nelly Duff challenged some of the world’s most provocative social muralists to up cycle.

Street Art royalty Ben EINE caused a traffic jam with his original artwork on steel. The awesome impasto imagery of Matt Small offset on a Nissan bonnet was a sight to behold, and East London favourite Sweet Toof’s pearly whites on Mercedes Benz proved an experience. Dan Hillier’s abstract splicing of Victoriana imagery from a distinctly British time gone by also featured, along with Dr D’s playfully direct mode of social and political commentary, and the dream-like painting of Will Barras. The epic charcoal work of Jorge Gerada Rodriguez also captivated alongside the miniature graffiti of Pablo Delgado. 

Each artist’s characteristically unpredictable processes culminated in the creation of 10 distinctly individual artworks, inspiring a great sense of revitalising renewal and highlighting the scope of urban art as a true instrument for social improvement.