The Birds & the Bees.. & the Butterflies


By  Olivia
8th April 2010

An exquisite selection of original pencil studies and an exclusive limited edition print release marked Jessica Albarn’s first Solo exhibition, held at Nelly Duff gallery in 2010.

Jessica’s pieces are often characterised by a duality- an illustration of strength in the most delicate of creatures. The animals and inspects she depicts often appear strong and stand proud as symbols of sophisticated ecology and ecosystems. Yet the tracery of Albarn’s ultra fine line work simultaneously emphasises the fragility of nature, and the reality of many an animal plight. For example, Albarn’s prime subject, the Honey Bee, proudly dominates many of her images- hailing from the insect colonies central to human civilisation throughout history. Yet this creature is highly endangered by destructive parasites and climate change, teetering on the brink of an extinction which would in turn signify the demise of mankind.