Wrapped Up

Callum Russell ‘Waterloo’ & ‘St. Martins’

22nd Jul 2017

Our most recent addition to the Nelly Duff Family is artist and scalpel wielder Callum Russell.

Having graduated from studying illustration at Falmouth University, UK based Russell found his niche in paper cut art. Inspired by traditional methods from all over the world, including the Mexican papel-picado folk art, and the red papercuts of the Chinese, which can be traced back to around 3BC. This delicate and time consuming art form is revitalised by Russell, and expertly combines shape, pattern, shadow and light through hundreds of intricate incisions.

Russell’s debut editions at Nelly Duff ‘Waterloo’ and ‘St Martins’ transform his papercuts into delicate, colourful and eye catching prints, that convey all the intricacy and pattern of the original pieces in exciting new ways.

We will be releasing ‘Waterloo’ and ‘St Martins’ at 11am, Saturday 22nd July in store and online.


Callum Russell ‘Waterloo’ & ‘St. Martins’

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