It is a Sad and Beautiful World


By  James
12th March 2016

On a pleasant June evening Nelly Duff opened its doors after-hours for the opening of Chris Bourke’s show, ‘It Is a Sad and Beautiful World’.

The exhibition was Bourke’s first solo show with Nelly Duff and offered an opportunity to view the artist’s extensive portfolio and launch several new prints, exclusive to the show.

Bourke has developed a reputation within the print community and beyond for his masterful use of linocut. His artworks are the result of a vigorous and labour-intensive process, that celebrate the game of chance involved in handmade prints. His works unite imagery with text from Latin, Buddhist and pop culture proverbs that inspire and stimulate reflection.

The Private View saw the gallery’s juice bar open up for some summer refreshment served by the friendly folks at The Sun Tavern.