In our first group exhibition in over five years, Nelly Duff is thrilled to introduce ‘Liminal’. A landmark exhibition that through the carefully curated works of both new and established artists, aims to explore and conquer the constructs surrounding our understanding of gender, queer identity and the societal expectations and boundaries that bridle contemporary sexuality.

Co-curating and imparting their boundless wisdom with Nelly Duff (we can’t believe we get to say this!) will be the incredible activist, actor and model who gained international acclaim modelling in both men’s and women’s fashion shows, Rain Dove. We can’t wait to share the work of the amazing artists that will come together for this exhibition, so in the meantime stay looking out for sneak previews into this show we are so privileged and just damn excited to host.

N.B. Due to COVID_19 we will be postponing ‘Liminal’ until Autumn 2020.


More to come soon…


Artwork ‘Leather Games’ by Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn


Public View

Secret offsite location yet to be confirmed...