Wrapped Up

DAIN Minnie Minded & Masquerado

15th Jul 2017

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new DAIN!


Our love affair with the work of New York graffiti royalty DAIN has been lengthy and full of wonderful pieces, now, we are releasing not one but two brand new editions from the King himself.


These new editions combine the drama and glamour of classic Hollywood photography with the chaos and subversive wit of the graffitti scene DAIN found his feet in. Every single one of these new eidtions is an individual piece of art in itself, all are handfinished with spraypaint, and the nuance and idiosyncracies of the artist’s hand are visible in every colourful gesture. However, all prints do feature DAIN’s signature dripping circle around the eye – a flourish that distinguishes DAIN from his contemporaries, and compoisitionally alleviates the work.


Both works, ‘Minnie Minded’ and ‘Masquerado’ will be released in store and online at 11am 15.07.17

DAIN Minnie Minded & Masquerado

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