Ian McDonnell ‘When We Had Cows’

The cows have come home!

It’s been a long time since we indeed did have cows – cow prints at least, and we thought its high time we had them back! We got together with Mr McDonnell and thought about how to make this new re-edition of ‘When We Had Cows’ even more exciting than its incredibly sought after predecessor.

This new edition will feature the signature gold foiled and detailed motif of the original print, however will be printed on three different papers: subtle straw ochre, butcher’s paper brown and milk bottle white with beautiful leather look detailing.

We will be releasing the cows in store and online this Saturday, 24th June at 11am.

Come and see them with your own eyes in the gallery hanging alongside the complete series of Ian McDonnell’s amazing animal works for some major curation inspiration!


Ian McDonnell ‘When We Had Cows’