Wrapped Up

Jo Peel ‘Beigel Bake Gold’

1st Jul 2017

Jo Peel is celebrated for her unrivalled ability to immortalise international landmarks.  From Sheffield to Tokyo her screen prints have captured time and again the charming and idiosyncratic qualities of buildings that we might overlook in reality. This time we are a lot closer to home, about ten minutes away to be exact! Once more the iconic Brick Lane establishment has been eternalised through the medium of screen print in beautifully lain gold foil, which shows just how much we love Peel’s editions, and bagels! (or should we say ‘beigels’)

‘Beigel Bake’ is available in white and matt black editions with gold foil. And as both are an edition of only 100 prints, we don’t expect them to hang around too long.

We will be releasing both editions this Saturday 1st July at 11am in store and online, so get ready to act fast to ensure one of these beautiful editions for your own!

Jo Peel ‘Beigel Bake Gold’

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