Wrapped Up

Matt Small ‘Arthur’

12th Aug 2017

Renowned for his emotional and textural portraits of London’s many faces, Matt’s charming and equally moving portrayals of man’s best friend are no less admired. As a follow up to the immensely loved ‘Frankie’ edition, we are pleased to announce the release of ‘Arthur’, a pint sized companion to his canine friend.

This giclee print captures all the incredible detail of the impasto-heavy original, and from a swirling mass of colours and textures rises the nuanced and open face of Arthur, and for those who want something a little more individual, we will also be releasing five hand finished editions. This smaller, rectangular edition takes a new path away from previous editions in shape and colour palette, making it a must have addition to any home, and is just as sure to capture your hearts as your artistic eye.

‘Arthur’ will be released in store and online at 11am Saturday 12th August as part of our Saturday Release series.

Matt Small ‘Arthur’

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