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Matt Small ‘Cassie’

27th Jan 2018

London based fine-artist Matt Small is bursting into 2018 with the release of a brand new canine edition. Following the incredible success of ‘Frankie’, ‘Cassie’s esteemed predecessor, we are once again treated to a sensitive and beautifully rendered depiction of man’s best friend.

This edition of 50 doesn’t owe all its impact only to the heartstoppingly detailed brush strokes or the thoughtfully (and liberally) applied colour, but to its size too! Cassie is the largest edition we have ever released with Matt Small. Measuring at 80 x 80cm, this is truly a statement piece and allows this giclee edition to have all the impact and emotion Small captured in his original painting.

Not only will we be releasing a main edition of 50 giclee prints, but Small will also be hand finishing a select number of editions in his signature textural and dramatic style. There will only be 20 of these incredibly special editions available, so we suggest quick action for all those whose tails are wagging at the thought!

‘Cassie’ will be releasing at 11 am, Saturday 27th January in-store and online.



Matt Small ‘Cassie’

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