Matt Small ‘Emmanuel’


By  Alice
17th October 2017

Texture, colour and emotion are the pillars that make up London artist Matt Small’s striking paintings. His singularly phenomenal patience in his technique allows him to build up layer upon layer of colour and textural contrast resulting in paintings that are almost three-dimensional. The fact that he paints them on found materials, such as fridge doors, car bonnets and sheet metal only adds to the journey and intrigue of these one of a kind pieces.

Small’s giclee printed editions speak to the quality of not only the printing itself but of the original painting, that they are just as impactive when printed on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper, as when they are painted on a piece of metal. Evolving his work into printed editions allows for new avenues to be explored, such as changing colour and texture to create a piece of art not only more accessible but a new and exciting piece of original artwork that stands alone from the original painting.

Emmanuel is no exception. An edition unlike anything we have released before with Small, the vibrant block of colour surrounding the heavily detailed and emotive face of Emmanuel is, arguably, even more powerful than the blue in the original painting. An edition of 50, this archival giclee print is a stand-alone release that shows the true qualities and advantages of printmaking.




‘Emmanuel’ will be released in-store and online at 11 am Saturday 14th October 2017.