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Mr Bingo ‘Who Cares’

3rd Mar 2018

The phrase on everybody’s lips is going to be… WHO CARES?

Artist, prankster and part-time rapper Mr Bingo is back for a brand new edition with Nelly Duff this March. Putting his irreverent wit to good use, ‘Who Cares’ subverts the traditional allegory of the Victorian-esque nature illustration to cater for a more modern palette.

Although his content is anything but traditional, the key to this print’s success is its beautifully foiled and pressed lines, printed on an authentic 115-year-old Heidelberg letterpress. Inlaid onto gratifyingly thick 500gsm paper, ‘Who Cares’ will be available in multiple colourways, including Lavender, Pistachio and Smoke, although all will be highly limited editions.

‘Who Cares’ will be releasing at 11 am Saturday 3rd March in store and online. For any other enquiries about this edition, please contact hello@nellyduff.com.

Mr Bingo ‘Who Cares’

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