Nelly Duff Group Show


By  Olivia
17th October 2014

Nelly Duff is spread across two floors, each exhibiting a weekly rotating collection of artworks, representing artists from across the gallery roster.

The lower gallery exhibits a shifting selection of handmade editions from the finest local and international Street, Graphic & Tattoo Artists, such as Aida, Anthony Burrill, Eine and Angelique Houtkamp. Here we offer clients the opportunity to view artworks  in detail with the guidance of the Nelly Duff team, who are always happy to bring a piece onto the gallery plan chest.

Moving through the building, a lofty stairwell displays a selection of artworks and full height murals, regularly reworked by exhibiting artists and internationally renowned muralists such as Gaia, Sweet Toof and Above. The intimate upper gallery showcases a dynamic display of original artworks and sculptural pieces by artists such as Matt Small and Roa, each naturally lit by Victorian sash windows.

Nelly Duff is open by appointment 9-5pm during the week and open to viewings throughout the weekend; 11-6pm on Saturdays & 9-4pm on Sundays.