Nelly’s New York Road Trip


By  Alice
5th May 2018

New York New York! The city so nice they named it twice has been treating us tourists very well! Months of planning and excitement has culminated with an exhibition so damn cool it has exceeded all our expectations and more.

Now we don’t usually go in for the whole art fair scene, or anything vaguely conventional now we think about it, but this is a step apart from anything we’ve ever seen before! Huge installations, amazing food and drink and incredible works from artists all over the world? How could we say no! So, in a (pleasantly cool) warehouse in a sunny and scorching city, over 25 galleries and artists have come together to create something truly amazing.

Again, not ones to go for the conventional, we have covered out stand in scaffolding to bring a taste of our industrial and creative home to NYC, which is currently supporting a plethora of works from our amazing artists. We’ve got it all, from original collaborative works from Miss Van and Ramon Maiden, to a never before seen aluminium Apex edition from Dave White. We wish you could all be here with us, but even if you cant, we are releasing all new editions on both sides of the Atlantic, so you can catch up with all our mischief whatever continent you are on.

Nelly love to you all!