Nick Smith ‘PSALMS’ 2018


By  Alice
7th November 2018

Nelly Duff is thrilled to announce we will be hosting a brand-new show with the one and only Nick Smith this Winter.

Visually Psalms is grab and go, it’s a little fast food for the soul. Glossy sweetie colours, packaged into something easily digestible, bright and recognisable – an immediate dopamine hit. Up close the text offers a little more nourishment… perhaps satiating our hunger once the words have been digested.  Smith has paired ten condiments with edited versions of ten Psalms, replacing all references to God with references to the chosen condiments. In pairing the beautifully expressive, highly emotive and somewhat familiar Biblical language of the Psalms with images of these culinary idols, aiming to inspire some discussion on what it is we worship and why.  We seem to have an almost religious affiliation to our favourite branded condiments, exalting them to idols of the culinary realm, worshiped by foodies and fussy eaters alike. Condiments cross cultural barriers, conjure comforting memories, alter things to suit our taste and easily offend if added at an inappropriate time.

As with any complex dish there are various depths of flavour. The humour in the absurdity of the language, much like the addition of a condiment to a less than tasty meal, makes the somewhat archaic language a little more agreeable. Yet the pairings are as ridiculous when read aloud as they are profound when considered – particularly as we approach Christmas.  You don’t have to be religious to get the joke. Especially as we enter the holiday period and it’s materialist push toward consumerism.  If these pieces encourage even one of you to question what it is that you consume, perhaps we might re-evaluate our idols and what it is we deem important. At the very least, it’s a little food for thought.

‘Psalms’ will showcase ten new and exclusive editions at Nelly Duff, releasing in store at 6pm Thursday 29th November and then online 9am Friday 30th November. RSVP to ensure entry, limited spaces available.

Show Location

Private Viewing

29th Nov 2018
6pm - 8.30pm

156 Columbia Road

Public Viewing

30th Nov to 9th Dec 2018