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Pablo Delgado ‘Particular Planes’

23rd Sep 2017

Having charmed the art world with his micro-fantasy collages and previous sell-out editions here at Nelly Duff, Pablo Delgado is back once more with his most dynamic edition yet.


A multi-layered screen printed edition of 75, ‘Particular Planes’ captures all of the movement and speed of air travel, in a fraction of the size, and with typically minimalist and intricate design. This edition is all about the details, and although it features Delgado’s signature miniature subjects, he uses new techniques to set this edition apart and create an energy we haven’t seen before from him with these spraypainted plane trails.


Dropping at Nelly Duff at 11 am on the 23rd of September 2017, this edition is sure to be the most hotly anticipated of Delgado’s works on paper yet.

Pablo Delgado ‘Particular Planes’

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