Nelly’s Inaugural Flower Show, Pick Me Up


By  Olivia
18th April 2013

Nelly Duff was invited to return to Pick Me Up, for the 4th year of this premier contemporary graphic arts fair.

In 2013 the gallery brought a little bit of Columbia Road to the grand halls of Somerset House, cordially inviting all to  ‘Nelly’s Inaugural Flower Show’!

Bounteous beds of blooming artworks were in display by the likes of Aida, Jessica Albarn, Dan Hillier, Pablo Delgado & Anthony Burrill to name but a few.

The exhibition also included a series of artist’s workshops for all to take part in during late night openings at the 10 day event. These included an interactive print making critique with Aida, creative collage session with Various & Gould & print making workshops with Sarah Boris and Mark Pawson.