Show Of Hands


By  Cassius
11th April 2013

In April 2013, the stage was be set at The Ravenscroft Public House, a one time social hub, now a forgotten relic of the failures of social housing. A stones throw from the gallery, it was here that Nelly Duff introduced ‘Show of Hands’, an exhibition of original drawings by American Street Artist, Gaia.

Baltimore born Gaia is a young man of both extraordinary artistry, and social conscience. Each pair of hands was drawn throughout the artist’s travels across the globe, with every delicately rendered finger and sensitively shaded knuckle, highlighting the anonymous struggle of the subject, weaving a complex modern narrative of urban poverty comparable to the emotive anatomical etchings of past masters.

‘Each set of hands is a reminder that while there is a common humanity within all of us, that ultimately our differences and experiences in a supposedly global world can never be universally reconciled.’ – Gaia.