Wrapped Up

Soozy Lipsey

29th Jul 2017

Antique stylist and London based artist Soozy Lipsey uses a wide variety of media to reimagine the ordinary and traditional into fantastical creations imbued with both nostalgia and the macabre. Lipsey’s technique combines the repurposing of objects or images with the uncanny and unexpected, and results in imaginative, arresting works that exist outside of any discernible style or movement.

For these new editions, Lipsey has applied her magic touch to two 19th century masterpieces and transformed them into contemporary playful giclee prints with screenprinted varnishing, through her vibrant and subversive handfinishing.

‘Regal Riot’ and ‘Smockin’’ will be released at 11am, Saturday 29th July in store and online.

Soozy Lipsey

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