Tenderloin A-Z


By  Olivia
11th September 2013

‘Tenderloin A-Z’ was held in a disused warehouse, one of the last remnants of industrial Shoreditch. Since the turn of the millennium, Eine was instrumental in developing the area into the artistic hub that it is today and his bold use of colour and signature spray dust finish has cemented him as supreme ‘Font Smith’ of the genre worldwide.

To mark the release of Eine’s 52 colour screen print ‘Tenderloin’ A-Z, Nelly Duff highlighted the hand made and highly skilled processes used to created such a complex artwork. The warehouse was hung with 52 unique ‘pull-out’ prints which snaked around the venue, leading the viewer on both a visual and physical journey through the very heart of the edition.

Eine featured in Dr. Rafael Schacter’s ‘World Atlas of Street Art & Grafitti’ which was on sale throughout the show, with 10 Atlas covers signed and customised by Eine. Large mural pieces were painted within the interior of the space by Eine and world renowned contemporaries such as Above, whilst a film was made to document the event.