The Radiant Ones


By  Cassius
3rd July 2013

In July 2013, a selection of Matt Small‘s artworks were put on display in the heart of Hoxton, where they remained for 3 months.

Each artwork demonstrated Small’s innovative use of found objects sourced from the urban environment as the canvas on which to base portraits of overlooked and underprivileged youngsters, each given the name of their subject to form ‘The Radiant Ones.’

Small aims to acknowledge the unacknowledged, reinventing his subjects just as he reinvents the institution of oil painted portraiture. The artist makes an emotive investment in each image whilst his supremely expressive handling of this age-old oil paint medium combined with aerosol and other materials, breaks down traditionally set hierarchies of ‘Fine Art’ and instantly heightening the status of those he choses to depict.