Trespassers of the World Unite


By  Olivia
28th May 2009

The Toaster collective and fifteen of their fellow trespassers, a selection of Europe’s most influential street artists, came together in May 2009 for a collaborative exhibition at a secret location in the heart of Shoreditch.

Born in 1998 over a kitchen table in Wolverhampton, the Toaster project started life as a simple yet challenging concept- how to make a mundane object famous. Over time the Toaster project’s masterful subversion and graphic re-rendering of our favourite kitchen appliance grew to entertain the streets across posters, stickers & murals worldwide.

The notion of collaboration is set deep within the New York ‘crew culture’ of graffiti and Street Art. ‘Trespassers of the World Unite’ was a celebration of the preceding  decade on the street. Each hand picked artist represented this collaborate mentality via long standing friendships, assured talent and a maturity of output which had pushed them to the forefront of the Street Art movement.