Wrapped Up

Victor Ash ‘Astronaut Mini’

5th Aug 2017

Things have been a little grounded around here lately, so we thought it was about time to change that. That is why we are releasing a brand new mini edition of Victor Ash’s iconic ‘Astronaut’, because the best things come in small packages.


Ash first painted the original 22m high ‘Astronaut’ in Berlin in 2007 as a response to the cold war and the race into space, playing off the semiotic differences between NASA’s offical use of the title ‘Astronaut’ and the Soviet Union’s opposing use of ‘Cosmonaut’. Since then ‘Astronaut’ has been released as a full size screenprint at Nelly Duff, and in the process cemented itself as a highly collectable and archetypal piece of street art history.


This pint-sized new screenprint is an edition of 100, and will be released at 11am Saturday 5th August in store and online as part of our ‘Saturday Releases’ series.

Victor Ash ‘Astronaut Mini’

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