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Zakee Shariff ‘Colour Walkway’

8th Jul 2017

Our newest addition to the Nelly Duff Family is artist, and all round creative whizz Zakee Shariff.

Born in West London, and then spending her childhood flitting between Pakistan and the UK, Shariff’s unconventional and travel-centric youth has given her a unique, creative and curious outlook on life that has driven and simultaneously enabled her to pursue a creative and varied career as an artist, designer and everything else in between.

Her debut edition at Nelly Duff, ‘Colour Walkway’ is a shining example of Shariff’s confident relationship with colour and space, and this screenprint’s polychromatic simplicity and gratifying composition make ‘Colour Walkway’ the perfect Summer print.


‘Colour Walkway’ will be released this Saturday 8th July at 11am in store and online.

Zakee Shariff ‘Colour Walkway’

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